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Purpose has been called the inner mindset of a company. Are you working with yours?

It has never been more important to know ‘the why’ in organizations, and to use it as a core business navigational point: to have a purpose-driven mindset, and an organization designed to deliver your “why”. First step is to identify your why. Next step is to put it at work in your organization. Organizing Purpose is an opportunity to meet the future and the megatrends creating the disruption of your business.

Nine days — Three countries — One journey

With Organizing Purpose we aim to groove you into your future.

We want to help you turn the frustration of not knowing the future into confidence at being ready to face it. Does this appeal to you as a top level manager? Then join us, on this tri-country journey into the future of leadership and organization.

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— The World — What happens out there? Why is it so important to start leading your business differently? What do leaders of tomorrow understand that you need to know too? Experience noteworthy Copenhagen businesses and grasp the speed of change. Connect with our global partners from all over the world and become inspired by their organizations. Understand the drivers behind it all, and connect all of it to your own reality.

Talk about yourself.

the wild

— Ourselves — How do you get to master skills very different from your current path of learning? How do you internalize new ways of thinking? How do you take leapfrogs in self-mastery? Be swayed by an extraordinary learning experience. Work in simulations to organize purpose, developmental drivers and how to make it happen. Reflect on differences and drivers for purpose and engagement.

Choose your tools.

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— Inside out — How do you translate new knowledge and behaviors into your own organizational reality? How do you move fast ahead as a leader of the future? Translate your own reality to purpose-driven organizations and developmental teams. Experience excellent tools for self-organizing clarity. Hook up with the fast movers of Paris and immerse in a huge entrepreneurial incubator. Match your intentions with reality. Get a strong foothold on your first steps and everything that follows.

Throughout the event you will develop and strengthen value-creating skills. These are few highlights of what you’ll take away:

The Ticket

Organizing Purpose is a collaboration between
CfL, Dziobak Larp Studios & Leading Humans.

CfL is a strong professional community of management specialists covering a wide range of leadership disciplines.

Our business model is based on a holistic principle of collaboration between our specialists and in partnership with the customer. Together with the Worlds leading management researchers, we use documented testing tools and principles. We are constantly working to be Denmark’s leading management house as we have been for 104 years.

Dziobak Larp Studios is an international experience design collective.

They believe in changing the world through play, and create co-creative, immersive experiences. Dziobak’s B2C arm stages elaborate, spectacular live action role play adventures in stunning locations, while their B2B arm does transformational consulting and works with global brands such as IKEA, Disney and Google.

Leading Humans is a quest for future leadership

Leading Humans is based on the belief that a radically new kind of leadership is needed for the future we are facing. It is both a quest for insight and answers, and it is a movement to push ideas into action. Leading Humans is a global initiative with influencers around the globe contributing with state-of-the art insights and local future-fighters making ideas real in a joint effort. It’s all about leading humans as humans. To unleash true human intelligence. It is founded by Louise Orbesen, a Danish leadership expert with experience from McKinsey, BCG and Heidrick & Struggles.


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